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Are You Serious About Building An Online Income?

REALLY Serious?

Do you know that it takes commitment, time, effort AND money to build any legitimate business on the internet?

Sure, there are all kinds of scams, and greedy people that lie to you and tell you that you can make "lots of money" on the internet without doing much, and without spending any money (or very little), but just STOP and think about it - Making money online, just like offline, is a BUSINESS - and just like any business, you have to spend time and money and put in a LOT of effort if you want it to succeed.

Can you build any other business (restaurant, store, landscaping, etc.) without putting in money, time and effort? . . . NO! . . . So why do you think you can join a program online for free, do nothing and sit back and the money will roll in? . . . It WONT!

You MUST GET SERIOUS about building your online business and treat it as a business to be successful!

If you're ready to stop jumping at all the "Make Money With Just A Click Of One Button" type of crap that they're selling out there by the boatloads, and want to start trying to seriously build your business the way a business is supposed to be built, then...

Join The VBP!

The VBP (Virtual Business Partnership) was created to help you build YOUR business! We have Proven Advertising Resources that you need to build your internet marketing business!

Mail Your Ads Daily To THOUSANDS Using Our Safelist Submitters

Did you know that when you use most safelist submitters, even if you use them everyday, your ad will only go out to those safelists that allow you to mail everyday?

As a member of The VBP, you will have the highest level of membership in hundreds of the safelists below, because I am the admin/owner of them, so as you submit thru the safelist submitters below daily, your ad will go out daily to most of the members in those lists - That's TENS OF THOUSANDS of members that will get your ad EVERYDAY!

You also will have access to the Contact Solo Ad Senders that send your ad to the CONTACT email addresses of the members of these safelists, so you double your chances of your ad being seen.

There are so many benefits to having a membership in The VBP, and I will continue to acquire more and more resources, because my goal is to have the members of The VBP using as many of the resources available today.

Just LOOK At Some Of The Resources You Get As A Member Of The VBP

(2) Safelist Submitters with OVER 1,200 Safelists (and GROWING) mailing to OVER ONE MILLION EMAILS (and GROWING)!

Max Ad Submitter - 1,177 Safelists to submit to, with a total member count of over 1,000,000
Supreme Submitter - 71 Credit-Based Safelists to submit to, with a total member count of over 75,000

OVER 580 Safelists (and GROWING) Allowing YOU To Send Your Ad To HUNDREDS Of THOUSANDS Of Emails

Ad List Network - 206 Safelists - The VBP members get the Highest Level membership in OVER 180 so you can mail to those DAILY
Awesome List Host - 98 Safelists - The VBP members get the Highest Level membership in OVER 60 so you can mail to those DAILY
Best List Network - 114 Safelists - The VBP members get the Highest Level membership in OVER 70 so you can mail to those DAILY
List Crazy Network - 100 Safelists - The VBP members get the Highest Level membership in 80 so you can mail to those DAILY
Now ALL the safelists above are in the Max Ad Submitter, so you dont have to login to each one seperately. Just login to the Max Ad Submitter, and send your ad at ONCE, and remember, as a member of The VBP, you'll have TOP-LEVEL access to over 500 safelists, so you can Mail to them DAILY!
Credit List Network - 71 Credit Based Safelists (in the Supreme Submitter), and of course, you get TOP-LEVEL access to these as well, with more credits to start than regular members.
Full Time Traffic - Excellent Text Ad Exchange with a growing membership. Upgraded VBP members get Super JV level with all the benefits and perks!
FSMO - For Serious Marketers Only! - A Paid Only Mailer that is very responsive. Upgraded VBP members get Exclusive level with all the benefits, including 100% INSTANT Commission on everyone you refer that upgrades, regardless of what level they upgrade to. FSMO is part of our Sonic Solo Network which has 8 other sites with a total membership base of over 30,000. As an Exclusive member, you get to 25 Sonic Solo ads per month FREE!

Need Mailboxes To Handle All The Email From Those Safelists?

Not to worry - We have that covered too:

My List Mail - You get up to (2) VIP accounts FREE (One for your Contact email, and one for your List/Subscribe email), each with 1GB (1000MB) of storage. These currently go for $45 a month EACH!

These aren't just normal email accounts. They are compatible with most safelist submitters and auto-validating services, so you wont have to manually validate all those safelists you join. They will validate automatically.

And they delete email automatically... Daily, every 12 hours, every hour... You can set when the mail is deleted.

Where Else Are You Going To Get All This? . . .
And I'm Not Done Yet!

You Also Get Access to (2) Self Send CONTACT Email Senders with THOUSANDS of CONTACT email addresses to send your ad to:

Maximum Solo Sender - This double opt-in solo sender mails to all the contact addresses in the over 500 safelists in the list networks we own that are associated with the Max Ad Submitter. (Ad List Network, Awesome List Host, Best List Network and List Crazy Network). This sender also sends to those that signup to just this sender.
Supreme Solo Sender - This double opt-in solo sender mails to all the contact addresses in the 70 safelists in our own Credit List Network, which are associated with the Supreme Submitter. This sender also sends to those that signup to just this sender.
These CONTACT Solo Ad Self Senders work by purchased codes. As a member of The VBP, you'll get 30 Codes FREE - EVERY MONTH - For EACH Solo Sender (OVER $60 Value EACH MONTH), then if you want more, you'll get them at HUGE DISCOUNTS!

Even More Benefits When You Help Others

  • As a member of The VBP, not only will you have Proven Internet Marketing Advertising Resources to promote your programs, you can even use them to promote The VBP (and make 50% commission every month).
  • You will also be able to add your referral URL of any of the recommended programs in the members area, so when people join The VBP thru you, they can also join those programs under you.
  • There is also an optional Co-Op that rotates the members referral URLs for The VBP, so you have an opportunity to get members in your The VBP downline from my advertising

All This For Only $18.99 A Month

I can't offer all this (and more to come) for this low price forever, but if you Act NOW, you will NEVER have to pay more than $18.99 a month, as long as you stay a member. If you cancel your membership, and then realize later what a mistake you made, you will have to join at whatever the price is then.

Don't Want To Pay Monthly?

No problem. I understand. Usually, when I see a great deal and have the money, I go for the Lifetime deal, and if I didnt have that, then I go for the yearly. Sometimes, I could only go for the monthly, and once I could afford it, if it was still available, I'd go for the Yearly or Lifetime deal.

So here's what I can do for you - BUT ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME!

(Save over 30% off the Monthly Rate)


LIFETIME Membership - ONLY $399!
(ONE-TIME payment)

Again, I can't offer these prices forever, so BE SMART and JOIN TODAY!

Simply join FREE, validate your email, login to your members area and upgrade at the level that you're comfortable with. This is not rocket science folks. Just GREAT resources at a GREAT VALUE!

I am serious about helping those that really want to build an internet marketing business, and The VBP was created to do just that!

Join The VBP TODAY and Build Your Internet Marketing Business The Right Way for LONG TERM Success!

Treat your business as a hobby, and that's what it is.
Treat it as a business, and that's what it becomes

Let Me Help You Succeed With  Internet Marketing

Julius Covington, Sr.
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